In June 2007 a mighty flood washed through the streets of Hull and made its mark on Vineyard Records HQ and in particular the stockroom. As a result you could for a while buy cut-price limited editions of sodden copies of  the ‘Holy’ songbook. Pretty cool! When the flood waters finally receded, a plan was birthed to put the basement floor of VRUK to good use and build our very own recording studio. Alex Cook and Dave Mitchell were the master craftsmen and toiled day and night to lay floors, insulate walls and cavities until finally the studio opened its doors in late 2008.

Its been through several upgrades since then and it’s currently home to the VRUK hybrid recording rig – a double-headed monster which can be locked and loaded and on the road to a Vineyard live event at a moment’s notice as well taking care of the business end of our studio projects. It’s also the beating heart of VRUK and where most of our team can be found lurking at all hours of the day and night. The studio is also coupled with our two-bedroom, 5 bedded, penthouse apartment.
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Who can use the studio?

The studio exists as a free resource for Vineyard churches and their members. If you are part of a Vineyard Church in the UK or Ireland and want to use it to record songs that you’ve written or co-written, that are not tied into existing publishing agreements, please contact us : Our only requests are that you have the support of your church leaders and that Vineyard Records would have first refusal on signing any songs that are recorded in the VRUK studio.

Gear List

Mac Pro running
Pro Tools 10 HD
Logic Studio 8
Avid 16×16 A I/O
Avid 16x16D I/O

Digidesign RM-2
(designed by PMC)
Beyer DT150 headphones

Bock 241
Coles 4038
Neumann KM-184 (matched pair)
Neumann KMS-105 x2
Red5 RV-15 x2
Audio Technica AT8035 x2
AKG C451b x2
Sennheiser MD421 x3
Sennheiser e906 x2
Shure SM57 x4
Shure SM58 x4
Audix D6 x1
Yamaha SubKick x1
Neve 1073 DPA
Focusrite ISA428 x 3
Focusrite  OctoPre LE MKI
TLAudio TubeTracker
TLAudio PA-1

Other Gear:

Empirical Labs Distressor x 2
Vox Night Train Valve Amp
Vox 1×12” cabinet
Midi keyboard

Plug Ins:

Waves SSL Collection
API Collection
Transient Designer
Kramer Tape
…and lots more.