There are many courses and books you can read to help you with songwriting tips, some of which we’ve listed in our Recommended Reading section below. We’ve also included some articles and seminars below which we hope you will find useful if you are writing/starting to write congregational worship songs.

Practical Songwriting Techniques Seminar.
Nigel Briggs (taken from the 2011 Worship Leaders Retreat)
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Good lyrics and Song Vision:
An article by Brenton Brown that calls us to focus on the content of our songs and also focus the lyrics themselves.
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Writing Fresh Lyrics
A very succinct but useful article on the subject of writing fresh lyrics.
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The Importance of Song Writing
By Brenton Brown
Psalm 33. – ‘Sing to the Lord a new song’.
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Recommended Reading

There are lots of books on songwriting, lyrics and melodies, here is a list of books that we have had recommended to us by some well-known songwriters:

Make Love, Make War: Now Is The Time To Worship – Brian Doerksen (ISBN 978-1-4347-6682-3)

The Worship Journey – Andy Park (ISBN 9781935959038)

Writing Better Lyrics – Pat Pattison (ISBN 1582975779)

The Craft Of Lyric Writing – Sheila Davis (ISBN 0898791499)