Sin Has No Hold – Live & Local Episode 1 Part 3

Sin Has No Hold – Live & Local Episode 1 Part 3

Part 3 of Episode 1 of Live and Local is now here. Featuring a new song written by Tommy Reay of the Hull Vineyard we thought we would let him tell you a little bit about it, and to tell the story of Live and Local from the musicians side.

“It is with a great honour that I write VRUK’s first guest blog!

Having talked about the idea of Live and Local with the lads at VRUK it became clear that using a ‘home grown’ song written within Hull Vineyard and effectively for

Hull Vineyard really resonated with the idea and ethos of what Live and Local stood for. At the time, I was in the midst of recovering from a fairly painful knee operation, pretty much sofa ridden and living on a diet of hard hitting American cop drama ‘The Wire’ and homemade soup. I decided that during this time I would spend some time focusing on song writing and set about tackling some themes that I felt we as a church needed to sing. As I thought about this, it struck me that we often sing about the cross of Christ but rarely about his resurrection and it was this idea that sent my mind into action. I guess ‘Sin Has No Hold’ came out of this and the clear vision I had in mind helped facilitate the song writing process. It sounded great on the night and love the stripped back feel the song has on this recording.

The rehearsing and recording process was personally a really fun, creative and powerful experience. There were times when rehearsing in Jimmy’s office that it felt like a worship session rather than a rehearsal and the presence of the Lord was definitely in the midst of what we were doing. It was great to spend some quality time going through the songs and really listening, working out new, fresh arrangements for the songs whereas I so often rush through song arrangements due to Sunday morning time constraints. Having seen the end product it really does capture the genuineness and authentic nature of the evening and I feel very privileged to have been involved with the first Live and Local!”

Blog by Tommy Reay – Song Writer and Worship Leader from Hull Vineyard

Get the chord chart for “Sin Has No Hold” from click here

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  1. Samuel Lane says:

    Nice work Tommy. Like your voice a lot!