“The Lamb Has Conquered” – Live & Local Episode 1 Part 5

“The Lamb Has Conquered” – Live & Local Episode 1 Part 5

The Lamb Has Conquered is the last part of of very first Live & Local.

This is a great song we have used at Hull Vineyard since it appeared on the album of the same name in 2010.

It has since also featured on our recording of the Vineyard National Leaders Conference, My Soul Yearns.

The story behind the song is quite unique, the line “The Lamb Has Conquered” comes from the Moravian church – one of the very first church movements to use lay people as misionareis. It has striking similarities to the every member ministry ethos of the Vineyard. (The Moravian Church on Wikipedia)

Take a look at the Lamb Has Conquered on Live & Local – plus the story behind the song and the recording of the original studio album at the bottom of the page.

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