“What Can I Bring” – Live & Local Episode 1 Part 4

“What Can I Bring” – Live & Local Episode 1 Part 4

We are a day late but part 4 of Live & Local Live from Hull Vineyard is now live.

Written by Jeremy Riddle this is is a great song that I have heard so many great arrangements of – some that have been recorded and some that havent. This is one of my favourites as the simplicity of it connects so well to the hear of the song. That what we can offer in worship is so much left that Jesus deserves. Having the space to remember that as we sang the song was so powerful and challenging

I would highly recommend takeing 6 minutes 37 seconds out of your friday and join us in worship.

The vibe of Live & Local is very much grassroots worship, local musicians. We took simple songs and made the arrangements as uncomplicated as possible, and kept a very acoustic feel making room for people in the room to really hear themselves sing. What you hear on Live & Local is the original tracks recorded on the night, no additional instruments or vocals or fake applause mixed in! This is a raw, honest and heartfelt glimpse of the worship at Hull Vineyard and we hope like you it!



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