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How to run your own Kids event

Nigel Hemming

Since the release of Great Big God in 2001, our teams have been to churches all over the UK and beyond to host ‘Great Big God’ live events where children can express their creativity and have fun worshipping.

Drawing on these experiences and thouse gathered woking in our own churches we have developed various resources which will equip people who want to put on fantastic kids events.

Here we have a full guide to running your own event, from recruiting a team of people to ideas for games to use on the day. These ideas and thoughts are not just for one off events but can be applied to regular kids work.

When we do an event, we are usually aiming for a few simple things to happen for the children:-

* Have loads of fun & enjoy themselves.
* Praise God along with loads of other people.
* Learn about Jesus and his amazing love for them.
* Take another step on their journey of faith.
* Express their own gifts and talents in the context of worship.

These are great aims and would be great to hit all of them at church every week, although having led children’s programmes for a number of years, I know that it’s not always possible to achieve all these aims consistently. That’s where a big event comes in!

Whether it’s once a month, once a term or once a year, an event that’s well publicised, well planned and well executed can achieve a massive amount and encourage everyone within your community.

Nigel Hemming

Written by: Nigel Hemming

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