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Samuel Lane


Samuel Lane is part of a small but growing group of people that have grown up in the Vineyard Church from an early age. Samuel is an experienced songwriter & worship leader and serves on staff as the worship pastor at the Vineyard Church, St Albans, UK. When he was 7 years old he left St. Andrews, Chorleywood as one of four siblings following their parents to the Anaheim Vineyard in California where his father was then trained by John Wimber to help establish the Vineyard movement with John & Eleanor Mumford back in the UK.

As a teenager Samuel met and was exposed to the skillful worship leading of Kevin Prosch and combined with several profound experiences of God, he started to write songs and lead worship for the church. Always passionate about the presence of God, and songs that speak to the soul, he interned with Darren Clarke at the Burn Service in San Luis Obispo, California and on returning to the UK started to work under his father Chris Lane at the Vineyard Church in St. Albans. Samuel co-founded ‘The Burn Church’ and had his first worship song released on Vineyard Record’s Holy album produced by Brenton Brown in 2002.

Since then Vineyard Records UK have published over 30 of his worship songs included on albums such as Beautiful, All From You, My Soul YearnsThe Fire, The Fire – Acoustic EP, Spirit Burn, Samuel Lane – The 252 Sessions, Waterfalls, Open and most recently All My Love – Live From The Cause To Live For 2016. His songs (including ‘Beautiful’, ‘Adore Him’ and ‘Lord You’re Near’) have been used in churches worldwide and inspired many other songwriters and worshippers. In 2008, Jesus Culture recorded a cover version of ‘Beautiful’ for their album Your Love Never Fails.

The Fire (released in 2013) was the first time Vineyard Records UK have trusted someone with a ‘solo’ album and is a picture of the journey and passion of Samuel Lane’s life. Recorded with producer Bobby Hartry (best known for his production work with Jeremy Riddle) along with some of the best musicians in LA (including his sister and now brother-in-law Darren and Jessie Clarke who wrote ‘I Love Your Presence’), The Fire is full of songs of passion, intimacy, hope and honesty… all found in the beautiful presence of God.

A follow-up album to The Fire begins production in October 2017 slated for release in early 2018.

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